How to use Idea with German shortcuts on Windows

To use German key map you should meet the next requirements

General overview

  1. Enable ide.non.english.keyboard.layout.fix IDE registry property
  2. Switch to the German keyboard layout in OS language settings
  3. Download German and extract settings.jar with a German keymap for Idea on Windows (archive)
  4. Enable German keyboard support in IDE Settings -> Keymap

Setup details

  1. To enable IDE registry key. Press CTRL-SHIFT-A shortcut. Type “Registry” into the action search text field. Find the key in the shown dialog. Select the key and close the dialog
    Registry in Idea IDE
  2. Usually, German users do not need to switch keyboard layout
  3. Import German layout using IDE settings import wizard (File -> Import Settings…). For this use settings.jar file. The file is in an archive here archive. This file should not affect your settings. After the import you should have gotten another key map “Deutsche Tastaturbelegung für Windows
    German layout
    German layout in Idea
  4. If you have enabled the registry key successfully, your German layout should be detected automatically
    German layout is autodetected
    If you do not see such a balloon, you should be able to enable the support through Settings -> Keymap tab
    German layout support
    Checkbox for enabling German layout

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