dcevm port for jdk8u40

I decided to instrument my JDK build with DCEVM hotswap patch for JDK hotspot. But I found that where was no a patch version for the recent Early Access (according to the mercurial history it should not be changed significantly before the release). I thought that the patch could be applied pretty easy but sources of jdk8u20 and jdk8u40 were dramatically changed. By this reason I spent some time porting the sources to the new hotspot implementation and now you can try it out. Just apply the patches in the next order to the hotspot workspace and build it  
  1. light-jdk8u40-b19.patch
  2. light-jdk8u20-deopt-cp.patch
  3. dmh-field-accessors-java8u40.patch
  4. gc-java8u40.patch
  5. arguments-java8u40.patch
  6. distro-name.patch
  Patches as a zip archive

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